Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Visit Tioman Island

Looks like you choose one of the most beautiful islands Malaysia has to offer. Well, there are 2 types of living there, one is resort-styled, and the other is just getting a chalet by the beach or in the villages. Most of the chalets are run by the villages themselves. there are generally 5-6 spots around the island where you need a ferry service to access.

The ferry usually leaves the town of Mersing a few times a day and it'll stop at every main village on the island. Tickets can be bought at the jetty in Mersing.

To get to Tioman another way is by flying there as they have a tiny little airport enough for a 12 seater to land.

Other way there is by road to Mersing then ferry. Buses from the city of KL depart to Mersing. Check at the local bus terminal in the city(Puduraya)

On things to do there, absolute nothing! Just kidding... heh, there's a lot of Snorkeling, Diving, Fishing and just lazying all day. The bigger resorts offer some water sports, but Tioman is just generally a laid back place to chill out. No, it's NOT like Phuket ot Samui.

Tioman Island is also a Marine Park, so there is no fishing in the vicinity around the island. There's also a jungle walk where you got to ask the villages about it.

Well, hope this is sufficient enough, if not when you get there, just ask the locals what else is there to do.

Oh, there's also lots of local restaurants and beer can be bought there.
The ferry progressively stops at four resorts along the north side of the island. They are not interlinked by road although the first two might be. We stayed at the fourth one called Salang. Orginally were booked in for two nights but of course that became four pretty quick.

Excellent for snorkelling. Not much of a beach, but once you are in the water you are away with the fish. As the saying goes, like swimming in champagne. There is a non poisonous underwater prickle that you can stand on. If you do, don't try and get them out. You just tap them so as they break down and enter your blood stream and leave via your liver and kidneys.

When I was there the electricty was unreliably generated on the spot but that wasn't an issue. Only saw one part of the island but always wanted to get back.
As a side note, it was where the film South Pacific was made.

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